Samantha discovered Bellydance in 2009 and has been exploring movement and dance ever since.

As well as studying with many world-renowned teachers, Samantha was also the first UK based dancer to complete Rachel Brice’s 8 Elements of Bellydance and is a certified Datura Style teacher.  

Heavily influenced by Butoh, Samantha is known for exploring movement and emotion through improvisational solo performances whilst also being able to bring passion and power to every collaborative opportunity.

Samantha’s charismatic teaching style incorporates her joy, sense of humour and personable quality, to guide dancers through their own explorative work.


photo by Marina Chichi https://www.facebook.com/marina.chi.14)


Nicola Wigfield is a teacher, choreographer and performer of fusion belly dance and contemporary fusion. She is known for her strength, versatility and experimental approach.

She has a diploma in Dance studies from Laban Conservatoire of Dance in London, and has studied Silvestre technique in Brazil; a contemporary dance technique originating from Salvador. She has also studied with many of the tribal fusion greats  including, Kami Liddle, Samantha Emmanuel, Rachel Brice, Mardi Love and Tjarda Van Straten, to name but a few.

She currently teaches childrens’ street dance classes at the Royal Academy of Dance, and has trained extensively in a range of dance styles including, street dance, Bollywood, ballet, release based contemporary, oriental and tribal fusion belly dance. She has been involved, for a number of years in a Bollywood dance troupe, performing at shows and events around London and the UK.  Nicola is also a founding member of the performance dance collaborative 2plus9 dance. 



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Kathleen is a London-based Fusion Bellydance artist and instructor.

Dancing obsessively since 2004, over the years Kathleen has studied extensively with many world renowned teachers, exploring a variety of dance and movement styles, including yoga & fusion belly dance, ATS, flamenco, Afro-Brazilian, ballet & Silvestre Technique.

Kathleen has been lucky enough to collaborate and perform with many talented and inspiring dancers, and is a founding member of Curious Verses.

She performs regularly as a solo artist, both locally and internationally, and teaches weekly Fusion Bellydance classes in London.

Kathleen’s grounded and embodied teaching style incorporates a strong element of breath work and body awareness.  As a teacher, she is attentive, passionate and nurturing.

Known for her warmth and timeless quality as a performer, Kathleen blends an aesthetic rooted in vintage with a taste for organic exploration and an openness to the new.


About Kathleen

photo by Chen Buxton https://www.facebook.com/chensandsphotography/


Catherine is a professional dancer specialising in Tribal Fusion Belly dance and Burlesque. She is known for her strong stage presence, clean technique and innovative choreographies, as well as her exciting and passionate teaching style.

A lifelong student of the moving arts, Catherine spent her teenage years studying a variety of martial arts, particularly Muay Thai. In 2007 she discovered Belly dance and life changed somewhat! Beginning with Egyptian and Oriental style, she was drawn to Tribal in 2009 and has been obsessed ever since.

Catherine has travelled the world to follow her passion for dance. Over the years she has studied with some of the greatest dancers in this art form, including Amy Sigil (Unmata), Zoe Jakes, Mira Betz, Alexis Southall, Anasma, Samantha Emanuel and many, many more.

Over the years, Catherine has attained four certifications in Gypsy Caravan style with Paulette Rees-Denis, and is working towards her certification as an Integrated Dance teacher, having studied with Ashley Lopez.

For the past four years, Catherine has been travelling to the US to study with Zoe Jakes, and has completed her Dancecraft certification programmes Key of Diamonds and Key of Spades. She has attended the Orchidaceae Dance Intensive in Lisbon for the past three years, completing First Love twice and Second Love twice.

Catherine is a qualified teacher of Unmata-style ITS in all four levels of the format, having studied extensively with Amy Sigil. She has been teaching and performing this style in London for the past six years.

A founding member of the London Algerian Ballet, Catherine performed folkloric dances of Algeria with them for a number of years. She is a founding member of experimental Tribal Fusion troupe Curious Verses and director of ITS troupe Sigma. As a soloist, she has performed all over the world, and has taught in France, Indonesia, Brazil and the US.

2016 saw the launch of her burlesque alter ego Vul Varine, with her irreverent take on this classic artform. She is co-producer of the highly popular cabaret show, The Honeysuckle Revue.
Catherine loves to fuse dance styles, and has for many years studied Silvestre Technique, Afro Brazilian dance and Polynesian dance. Despite her passion for learning anything new, Catherine remains enamoured with her first love: belly dance. She continues to study, teach and perform this beautiful art in its many different forms in London and around the world.





Holly is a multidisciplinary artist from London working with dance as a means to connect the body and spirit. After finding bellydance in 2012 through a chance revelation in a tarot session, she began her studies in Egyptian Raqs Sharqi and Oriental Pop before finding her calling in Fusion Bellydance.
Since then she has performed within the UK and internationally, continuing to seek instruction from world renowned innovators in the scene, while retaining a strong influence from ‘Golden Era’ bellydance.
Holly’s style is influenced by her love of vintage aesthetics, adornment, esoteric art, and ritual. She is renowned for her creative costuming, fluid movement, and warm, playful stage presence.
In addition to extensive dance experience, Holly’s training as a yoga teacher has given her approach to movement a mindful perspective, with an emphasis on embodiment.